Wissenschaftliches Institut
der Niedergelassenen Hämatologen und Onkologen GmbH

The Scientific Institute of Office-based Hematologists and Oncologists -WINHO GmbH- was founded in November 2004 by the Professional Association of Office-based Hematologists and Oncologists in Germany (BNHO). Currently about 400 specialists from about 200 oncology practices collaborate with WINHO and sponsor the Institute via their subscriber contributions. The research is independent of pharmaceuticals industry.

The key topics of WINHO are quality management and health service research. The institute supports and advices the office-based hematologists and oncologists and their professional association in these areas of interest. To ensure an optimized coordination between the projects and the requirements of specialized medical practices specialized focus groups were established.

The institute develops tools to improve the transparency and quality of care in oncology and support office-based hematologists and oncologists in providing highly qualified service offers. The work and services of office-based oncologists are represented in the annual quality report. Furthermore, the WINHO enforces patient, employee and referring doctor surveys for partnership practices. Since 2009 the WINHO develops and evaluates quality indicators for office-based oncology with financial support from the German Cancer Aid. Moreover numerous further educations in quality management are organized by the institute.

The cooperation between WINHO and office-based medical specialists illustrates the connection between scientific research and practice. Highly specialized knowledge of hematologists and oncologists on the one hand, social medical competence on the other – practical concepts for better care of cancer patients can be developed and tested by this alliance.

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Managing Director
Dr. Vitali Heidt

Vor den Siebenburgen 2
50676 Köln 

phone: +49 221-933 19 19 0
fax: +49 221-933 19 19 20

e-mail: info[at]winho.de